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The eco-confusion between right and wrong

November 18, 2013

Most of our research participants reflect on their household products and practices in ethical terms: what is “good” or “bad” for the environment, what is “right” or “wrong” that they do, and what it is that they “should” be doing less or more of in their everyday life. ... read more


Shared energy consumption in apartments

November 11, 2013

Apartment living was an important topic of conversation at our Earth Day Beyond Green workshop, thus we thought we'd provide some observations from our data on subject ... read more

Earth Day and Recycling

October 28, 2013

GreenShorts was invited to speak at this past weekend's Earth Day Canada's youth event "Beyond Green." The topic was the use of recycling in advertising to change behaviour. We reviewed a number ...read more



The Dynamics of Green Behaviour Change. 

Situations, Directions and Connections. 

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Know your customer. Why gaps exist in today's 'green' segmentation.

In this Short we discuss the challenges of the typical demographic profile of "green" customers.

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Attitude - Behaviour gap among green consumers

Why does intention not translate to action? A great way to start to understand one of the biggest issues in marketing to green consumers. 

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Canada's most exhaustive Ethnographic study on the eco-conscious consumer.

GreenShorts is currently exploring what Canadian individuals and families expect from products, brands and retailers.  

Reports now available. Contact us to arrange for a personalized consultation.



Is Capitalism working? GreenShorts is proud to be participating in an innovative Roundtable Series addressing Collaborative Capitalism. 

Details at: Collaborative Capitalism Roundtable Conversations


Thank you to all who attended our workshop at Beyond Green, EARTH DAY Canada's Ecomentors Environment Summit, this past October. 

More details at:  Beyond Green


The GreenShorts team was pleased to have presented to a packed room at the  Total Office Trade Conference in Toronto. Our discussion on how to connect with today's conscious consumer was fantastic. 

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