GreenShorts Market Intelligence

GreenShorts is a Membership-driven research firm that conducts, and makes available to its paid subscribers: research, benchmarks and insights on consumer buying behavior as it relates to ecology and choosing to purchase “green” or “eco” products.

For today’s consumer, choosing the “greener” product/service option is quickly becoming an everyday decision. Consumers are re-evaluating their purchase decisions along a variety of new criteria, asking themselves:

  • Is this product better for the environment than the alternative?
  • Will it help me do good?
  • Is this company more responsible than their competitors?
  • Am I willing to pay more?

Companies are scrambling to ‘get on board’ and connect with this diverse and shifting set of consumers by innovating and launching new product lines, or ‘green’ versions of existing ones. Manufacturers are getting certified, developing logos, changing packaging, using new tag lines, donating money or percentages of profit and engaging celebrity environmental spokespeople – all in the hopes of getting the attention of customers and turning their eco-friendly perceptions into purchases.

To address these needs, GreenShorts was founded to help its Members develop strategies and marketing communications that:

  1. Effectively connect with consumers 
  2. Save money on costly custom research
  3. Save time; get the answers you need quickly 

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The Challenge 

As more people consistently search out “eco-products” they’re also becoming more educated and engage in environmentally friendly activities.

Terms like “Greenwashing” and “Green Sheen” are becoming mainstream, as some company's marketing tactics are deceptively used to promote the perception that their products, services and policies are environmentally friendly. In short, consumers are becoming more savvy and more discriminating when choosing eco-products.

Enter GreenShorts - a source of relevant, actionable and timely research that assists corporate Marketers and Communications professionals with the daunting task of looking within and beyond their existing categories to design effective communication programs. This research on environmentally responsible consumption helps to create programs that positively influence customer behaviour.