Doing it Differently

The world of market research is changing and GreenShorts is on the forefront of that curve. Our unique experience in technology, social media, and research methodology – without decades of traditional market research biases – put us in a place to lead that change. We know what marketers need and we know how to get it.

Where some market researchers may turn their noses up at social media, we see it as a wealth of consumer voice, demand and insight – we have the skills and experience to collect that information, synthesize it and provide it back to Marketers in a usable format.

Market researcher firms who have invested in proprietary panels may fear the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft getting into their space – GreenShorts welcomes it. Leveraging the data those companies create is our specialty, and we know they have the infrastructure and technology to be able to tap into the needs and desires of the global public.

Surveys and panels are becoming commodities, focus groups are not the best way to collect qualitative data, the world is going mobile, and social networks are providing a new medium for consumers to have a voice. We’ve developed a methodology to collect this “big data” from multiple sources, compile it into a cohesive dataset, and derive insights that help Marketers position their products in an increasingly transparent world.

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Its a Sum of all Parts

GreenShorts intelligence is developed from a unique combination or research sources.

    Our Qualitative research is produced using Ethnographic techniques to study what influences consumers and how they make decisions.
    By using ethnographic research as our qualitative method, we understand true behavior and culture by going out and talking to people where they are, while they're doing whatever it is they do. We collect raw and unbiased perspectives. 

      • Results from the ongoing Ethnographic research drives a series of Quantitative studies to support and test the findings with statistically relevant data.

        Our Quantitative research is the systematic empirical investigation of the social phenomenas discovered through Ethnography, via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.

          • Benchmarking studies use national online consumer panels to conduct research on best practices to give instant tangible answers to key communications decisions such as:
            - What endorsements are most valuable?
            - What logos are most recognizable and trusted?
            - What colours are best to use?
            - What key words should be used or avoided?

            Ongoing search and social trending use available data from search engines and social media networks to provide both qualitative and quantitative insights.

            • Findings from these other research methods are filtered into our online data capture tools to monitor and trend its significance:
              Historical search trending for keyword terms - Social media mentions, sentiment, and popularity - Topics of concern or excitement - Trending up or down, good or bad - Impact of environmental, cultural and political events happening now