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Our team at GreenShorts is constantly collecting, reading, and reviewing literature on relevant topics from a variety of disciplines, bridging academia and business. We take the best information, summarize the findings and provide you with just a Short. If you'd like to dig deeper you can - we provide full references and additional reading suggestions at the end of each Short. 

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"Know your customer. Why gaps exist in today's 'green' segmentation."

In this Short we discuss the challenges of the typical demographic profile of "green" customers. You'll become more familiar with the top 4 issues with existing research. 
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"To Sell green, Educate green."

This Short digs into what consumers expect and what they will not compromise. You'll better understand how to attract a consumers attention and increase your chances of product trial. 

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"Green Marketing"

A nice Top 10 list of marketing strategies that help connect with today's eco-conscious consumer. 
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"Barriers to Green Consumption"

A great review of the factors that contribute to slower then desired eco-product sales. Breaking through these barriers will help you position your product or service for success. 
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"Eco Labels and Claims"

If you're looking to understand the 3 types of ecologos and the Canadian guidelines for environmental claims - this is the Short for you.

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"Attitude - Behaviour gap among green consumers"

Why does intention not translate to action? A great way to start to understand one of the biggest issues in marketing to green consumers. 

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A perfect "short" summary on the very well known topic of Greenwashing. How is it defined and how to avoid it.

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